Tenure rights refer to the bundle of rights and responsibilities that an individual has in relation to a natural resource. These range from mere access to absolute ownership and are all equally important to the individuals that poses them.

These rights are constantly under threat by different forces. These forces take on the guise of external forces such as foreign and local investors or internal forces such as local elites and family members as well. Such insecurity jeopardizes efforts of numerous Malawians to sustain a reasonable livelihood within the predominantly agricultural economy they live.

The NES platform collaboratively works to ensure that these rights are recognized, protected and enjoyed by the rightful rights holders in the country especially considering the enactment of the new land laws whose main goal is securing land rights to increase agricultural productivity in the country.

Within this thematic area, strategies employed include:

  • Educating communities on their tenure within existing legal frameworks 
  • Capacity building duty bearers in relation to executing said duties around securing tenure rights
  • Advocating for people-centered laws and policies
  • Research and dissemination on emergent issues in tenure rights