Investments on land take on various forms such as mining excursions; tourist attractions alongside the lakes and rivers; largescale agricultural ventures and wildlife conservation enclosures.  The country benefits from these investments in a number of ways required for much needed economic development. Notably of these are their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product  and job creation in the country.

However, in the absence of a strong legal framework, these tend to result in largescale land dispossession of communities as well as the loss and endangering of many livelihoods. Balancing the need for economic growth and social wellbeing is required in order to diffuse tension and conflict that arises in its absence.

The NES platform is facilitating dialogue and empowering communities to engage duty bearers on the investments taking place in their area for more sustainable and mutually beneficial investments that seek to ensure community welfare and substantial economic returns.

This is being done through:

  • Exploring progressive and mutual beneficial business models for investment on land  between investors and communities
  • Facilitating dialogue between communities and investors around responsible land investments
  • Popularizing locally and internationally recognized standards for responsible largescale land investments
  • Capacity building for interested investors, civil society organizations, governmental departments and communities on responsible largescale land investments